Letter: Norman, Graham should condemn Trump’s words

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An open letter to Sen. Lindsey Graham and Rep. Ralph Norman:
I have a hard time believing that you did not step up to the plate (man-up) and denounce President Trump’s remarks to the four Democratic congresswomen. These four were elected to their seats just like you were and deserve respect, as you do.
Have we come to a point where we should expect this kind of behavior from our president? The great Sen. John McCain would not have stood for this.
Why is it that only Sen. Tim Scott denounced Trump’s remarks. One can only assume that you did not respond because you agree with Trump.
I find it hard to believe with today’s diverse society that you remain silent! Do you really believe this is the direction our country should go in?
No, I am not a Democrat. I was born in this great country, a son from an immigrant family. My sixth great-grandfather Henry immigrated to this country on the ship Elizabeth and Ann in 1635. He left his home country to find freedom, opportunity and a better way of life.
I believe in this great country and our system of government. I do not believe in discrimination or racism. We are better than that, and you should be too.
Is this the kind of government you want to leave our children and grandchildren? Where are you?

David Jackson
Indian Land