Letter: Does God guard only some who ask for it?

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By Ronald Hopkins

A person wrote in recently stating that luck had no part in Lancaster being spared the wrath of Tropical Storm Michael, but that it was God’s answer to prayers.
But what about those people who were hit, some dying? I’m sure they prayed too. So is this person saying God helped some and said “too bad” to others? Or is he stating that the ones who suffered are sinners? What exactly is he stating?
I get confused when people use the name of God to justify things. I know they believe in their faith. That isn’t what I’m confused about. I have no issue with faith. I have an issue with people using the word of God to justify things that turn out in their favor.
Where in their belief system is God for all those who suffered, were maimed, lost children, died alone, were murdered, tortured, abandoned, left to die, etc. What about their prayers when they were in desperate need? Were they put on hold?

Ronald Hopkins