Letter: County council’s endless ideas for spending money

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I see that the children are still at it. You know how children are. All they do is want something all the time. That is the way Lancaster County Council is.
They are going to build a new school in Indian Land and a new dump where they can drive up and throw their trash out. They won’t have to throw it up high like we do. They are going to hire an engineer, something they don’t need, for $300,000, which is crazy.
Also, they are going to buy high-powered rifles for every deputy. They don’t need guns like that because those young guys will kill someone with them.
Now, they say they are going to use the 1-cent sales tax where they were overpaid on the courthouse, over $2 million.
You people better wake up and get all those liars out of council. I wonder what will be in the paper on Wednesday? Probably more lies, I guess.
What they need to do is use all that money properly, not blow it away on things that they don’t need. We need a new animal shelter where the animals will have a better place, but the county administrator says they don’t have the money. But if Indian Land needs something, they have the money.

Bub Faile