The Lancaster News Subscription

To The Editor and Readers of The Lancaster News-

I am a resident of Lancaster. I enjoy reading the local newspaper online.

I am disabled and recieve enough disablilty to barely pay basic needs(elec.,water). I can not afford 75 cents, for a newspaper, one time a week! (not the 3 times a week, as it is published!) I have the online version, of our local newspaper, as a pleasure in life among a very few....and now, it's being taken away from me, due to being unable to pay for it! It's sad to know, I will not be able to read the concerns of our community, the events and the news, because i can't pay for it!

I'm aware, that everything cost money, to publish a newspaper, whether paper edition or online...but  some of the people of Lancaster can't enjoy the simple pleasure due to lack of money. I live alone and this is one way to stay in touch with the outside world. It's so sad to me, that I am not able to read "my" Lancaster News, any longer!

Thanks for the pleasure, through the years, of the hard work given, so people caould enjoy the local news.