Humane Society needs your help to build rescue facility

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I want to let you know that I am tired and literally heartsick of seeing so many homeless and unwanted pets every day. Tired of knowing that in the end, at this particular time, there is not much we can do to save them, or at least to save as many as we would like to.
We see so many strays brought in by Animal Control and given five days to live. There are those that are turned in by their owners, for so many reasons. They are moving and where they go to no pets are allowed or they lost their jobs and cannot afford to feed themselves, let alone their pets. Then there are those who never took the time to teach that cute, fuzzy puppy the difference between right and wrong and now that they are grown they wonder why the dog will not listen and gets into trouble. These pets have only five days of life left when they are turned in.
We try so very hard to stop the euthanasia of these pets, but that takes a large number of pet foster homes and that is something we have in short supply. Or it takes a shelter facility of our own, which we do not have and cannot afford at this time. But we are bound and determined, with your help, to change that. If we had a facility of our own, we could take the animals turned in to the county shelter, place them in our own building and get them vaccines and medical care, spay or neuter them, train them into loving, obedient pets and then find them wonderful homes. There are a lot of trustworthy rescues up north who would love to help our pets, but the pets must be placed in quarantine first and that is very difficult to do when you do not have a place to keep them.
Every day when the pictures of these innocents are placed on our Facebook page or our website, we cry, tears that will not end because we know that out of a dozen maybe one or two might be saved. We cry for those we cannot help. These past four years, we have helped many, many pets get spayed or neutered or given them life-saving vaccines or had them treated for heartworms and parvo. But saving one at the expense of so many others is heart-breaking for all concerned.
This Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of the Christ child, won’t you please consider helping thousands of pets in Lancaster County who never knew a loving home? Please help us to help them by your donation. We are a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization with 100 percent of our donations going back to help the pets. With your help, the help we give them can last their lifetime.
We know there are a lot of corporations here in the county, and a donation from your company is tax-deductible. For every dollar you donate, lives can and will be saved. Look into the eyes of your own loved pets and ask yourself what would you do to save your pets if they were picked up by Animal Control. Where would you rather they be put to wait for you – at the shelter or at a facility run by the Humane Society?
Please help us help the others who were not fortunate enough to have you find them. A small donation of just a few dollars will go a long way toward our goal of a safe adoption center for all those we cannot help right now.
Donations can be made to Humane Society of Lancaster SC, P.O. Box 1825, Lancaster, SC 29721; or through Pay Pal on our website, www.savelancasterscpets.org/
May you and yours have a very blessed Christmas.


Mary Reimers is a Lancaster County resident.