Hopkins letter: Oscars insult ‘American Sniper’

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Well, the ignorant and the brainless came out for their Oscars the other night. Yes, the beautiful crowd, which loves to lavish accolades on themselves.
These prattish people strut their “wears,” costing yearly salaries for real workers, as they walk Hollywood’s red carpet. A fitting symbol of color, for it matches their socialistic and communistic mindsets.
A more untuned crowd to reality you’d spend a lifetime trek to find. The elite bunch, which talks down to us about waste and sacrifice, as they arrive in their limos and leave in private jets to their energy-gobbling mansions.
As they accept their awards, they speak their mindless dribble, which amounts to “It’s America’s fault.”
A spit in the face of America’s military and country-loving citizens as “American Sniper” received an Oscar for sound editing. Yes, a box office smash about the sacrifice of our troops and their families is just too much propaganda to these pompous empty shells.
The liberal Hollywood elite – no real heroes here, just zeroes.
Ronald Hopkins