Hopkins letter: No convention for this Congress

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I agree with Thomas Knapp’s column, “Constitutional convention dangerous and unnecessary,” in your April 17 paper.
Were our Congress thoughtful of where this country is headed and how we arrived at this unthinkable moment in history, I’d say let’s give it a try. However, the few who really care are far outnumbered by the power-hungry and narcissistic, and the ideology of America is rotten and racist.
How could anyone of sane mind possibly think that Congress could do the correct thing at a convention of such magnitude? Why, they can’t even read their own bills they say we need so much, i.e. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi on Obamacare: “We need to pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it.” And this repository of idiotic quotes is elected over and over.
When gerrymandering, revolving-door politics (a job awaiting former Congress members after they leave office, from the businesses that benefited from their bills), back-door deals, special favors and all the other goodies these thieves give and receive are the reasons for their elections and re-elections, instead of what they actually accomplished to help this country, then I’d rather they go to a sewage waste convention.
At least they’d feel right at home.
Ronald Hopkins