Hopkins letter: Jihadists to blame, not contest organizer

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At the close of a Draw Muhammad cartoon contest, two masked Islamist jihadists were shot dead by security after they opened fired on the event, hoping to kill as many as they could.
No sooner were the Islamist would-be killers sent to their graves than the leftist media turned on the event, instead of the jihadists.
The brain-dead media rattled off numerous reasons why Pamela Geller, the host of the contest, was at fault for causing the crisis, and not the jihadists.
Their reasoning is that it’s the fault of anyone who causes the Islamic people to kill, instead of the killers themselves. Obviously, free speech only goes so far with the left.
If you photograph a crucifix in urine or decorate a painting of the Virgin Mary with pornographic images, then it’s free speech or art, but as soon as Islam is involved, it’s hate speech and the writer or the artist is to blame.
The only good observation about this tragic assault on our First Amendment rights was done by a comedian.
The comedian Sayet stated (I find eloquently), “My favorite drawings were the two chalk lines out front.”
I couldn’t have said it better.
Ronald Hopkins