Hopkins letter: ‘Facts speak for themselves’

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The Feb. 25 rebuttal letter by James McManus, “Walker should run for vice president,” to Brooks Walkers’ Feb. 22 column, “Time to love country more than Obama,” is pathetic.
Because he has no facts on his side, Mr. McManus uses the old leftist alternative of vilifying anyone who disagrees with Obama as “hating the president.”
He says, “We can argue about the economy, employment and terrorism.”
More than $9 trillion has been spent and the economy isn’t even back to where it was before the housing bubble started, unemployment is really over 10 percent (if not higher), Obama’s foreign policies have done nothing to quell the spread of Islamic terrorism around the globe and, to top it off, he’s about to let Iran become a nuclear state.
So you can argue all you want, but the facts speak for themselves.
But the best part is that Mr. McManus turns the fault onto former President George W. Bush. It doesn’t matter what Bush did or what you think he did, President Obama is and has been in charge for the last six years.
By saying Bush did wrong, (whether you’re right or wrong about Bush), you’re saying it’s OK for Obama to do wrong, too.
Sorry, but two wrongs don’t make a right.
Ronald Hopkins