Hess will bring experience to county

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John Hess is running for the Lancaster County Council District 4 seat. And I am voting for him. Washington and Columbia continue to increase taxes while decreasing services. Federal and state governments are out of control. Things must change.
We can’t keep doing the same kind of tax-and-spend in Lancaster County either.
County officials have to learn to control the spending of our tax dollars. The answer is not to continue increasing taxes.
That’s why I like John Hess. He’s a career financial planner who can help our county plan its finances better. Budgeting, financial reporting and spending is what he deals with every day for his clients. And, as a small business owner, John understands the impact of decisions made that affect existing and future potential businesses.
John has been in Lancaster for more than 20 years. He and his wife, Malissa, have raised their children here. Through his involvement in Second Baptist Church and many nonprofit organizations, he helps foster the community’s well-being. He knows Lancaster County has a bright future. With one grandchild and another on the way, he desires Lancaster to be the best county it can be for the generations to come. John understands the decisions made today will impact the lives of all county residents, now and those to come.
If we want things to change here in Lancaster County, then we have to vote for new leaders. John Hess is the right kind of new leader, who will bring a new way of doing business to County Council.

Mark Baker