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Betty Vincent finds comfort in gardening

By Sherry Archie

When Hazel and Betty Vincent first moved into their home at 112 Survey St. 14 years ago, a manicured lawn was only a pipe dream. 


Their priority was taking care of Betty’s aging mother. 

As years passed, Betty lost her mother.

But Betty found solace for that loss by spending time in her yard. 

The result is a beautifully landscaped lawn filled with spacious beds providing a variety of blooms and foliage. 

The Vincent yard caught the eye of Gwen Furse of Green Gardeners Garden Club and was selected as September’s Yard of the Month sponsored by the Lancaster Council of Garden Clubs. 

Vincent said Furse loved the way she added personality to her yard by including some of her favorite things. 

The container garden filled with sedum and wandering dew thrives alongside a small house sitting atop a tree stump.  

A bicycle holds pots of pink flowering begonias,  creating a stunning eyecatcher in the back yard.

There is a real sense of balance in the Vincent yard. Three junipers border the driveway alongside solar lighting spikes. Variegated monkey grass offers additional color and completes the balance of this area edged with landscaping stones. 

The house is surrounded by bufford hollies, yaupon hollies, variegated acuba and dwarf nandina. Chinese fringe with its green to purple foliage delivers a striking appearance alongside the other bushes.

“Whether it’s a variety of color or foliage, I try to include interest all through my yard,” Vincent said.

A sculpted bed in the front yard continues this goal. 

Underneath the canopy of tall trees, variegated leaves of the pittosporum bushes contrast with those of the gumpo azaleas and sprigs of monkey grass. A Japanese maple with leaves of deep burgundy and green serves as the focal point of this grouping. 

A cement bench holds a large white mum alongside a bunny yard ornament. 

Here, birds can even enjoy a cooling splash in the bath designed as a sundial.

The new decking in the back yard provided a new setting for more plants and bushes. Vincent surrounded the deck with potted sedum that has become quite an heirloom. 

“My great-grandmother had sedum in her yard that she shared with my grandmother,” she said. “Then my grandmother shared it with me. Its 6-inch round bloom is so beautiful year after year. I always look forward to seeing them and remembering the special family members that made this possible.”

The Vincents will receive a $25 gift certificate complements of Ace Hardware and Garden Center of Lancaster.

To nominate a yard of the month, call Jackie Palmer at (803) 283-4562.