Haley letter: Say thank you to Rep. Long

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When Republicans gathered in Columbia last week, we celebrated last year’s victories – victories we worked together to achieve – and also talked face-to-face about what it means to be a Republican.
The Republican Party has a platform that defines its mission, but not all Republican elected officials follow every letter of the platform.
And that’s fine.
But what we’ve always said is that the people of our state deserve a government that works for them, not the other way around.
Fortunately for you and your family, Rep. Deborah Long has been a fighter in Columbia – working together with our team to deliver successes for all of the people of our state and make sure state government is accountable to our citizens.
The reason I’m writing you today is to ask you to thank Rep. Long for her fight – sometimes in the face of opposition from her own colleagues – to keep South Carolina on the move. She has resisted the trend in Columbia to raise taxes, increase debt, and give legislators pay raises.
In fact, Rep. Long has partnered with us to support tax reform and ethics reform, invest in our critical infrastructure needs, oppose pay raises for legislators, and oppose a bonding package that would run up our credit card debt.
But our work isn’t finished.
Encourage Rep. Long to keep up the fight. As the legislative session comes to an end, we’re going to need her support more than ever. For the other members of your delegation who may have voted themselves a pay raise, voted to raise taxes, voted to increase debt, fought ethics reform, or walked on a vote, please let them hear from you and remind them that they work for you.
Nikki Haley