Griffin letter: Open letter to U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney

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Mr. Mulvaney, why can Indian Land not have its own post office?
I know about the contract post office at S.C. 160 and U.S. 521, but it is a gas station and the sign on the post office counter states, “We are a gas station first and a post office second, so be patient with the attendant.”
Indian Land now has more than 21,500 residents and the fastest-growing region in the state. I think we have waited long enough, earned and deserve a real post office.
Our mail comes out of the Fort Mill post office, which is not even in the same county as Indian Land.
I realize Indian Land has been given a different ZIP code.
Indian Land continues to grow. By 2015, there were four more new projects – The Overlook at Barber Rock, The Preserve at Barber Rock, Springview and Bent Creek, plus a 234-unit apartment complex near Queensbridge. I’m sure there are other residential projects in the works, as well as many commercial projects such as Red Ventures, Keer America, Crossridge Corporate Center near Inspiration Network’s City of Light and others.
As our representative, Mr. Mulvaney, I would appreciate a response from you, advising when you will bring this matter up and how soon we can expect a real post office in Indian Land.
Linda B. Griffin
Indian Land