Gregory letter: More support for sawmill in Lancaster County

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I’m sure Bill Ardrey’s April 29 letter to the editor, “Lancaster County needs sawmill,” opened eyes to the numerous benefits that a state-of-the-art lumber planing mill would have for Lancaster County.
Not only would it put hundreds of local people to work with high-paying jobs, it would benefit the local forest industry (the No. 1 industry in South Carolina) by giving them a higher price for their timber, without having to travel long distances to sell their timber.
This modern manufacturing plant, with the highest tech machinery available, would be a shot in the arm for Lancaster County. Our county is still suffering from Springs Mill’s closing. Many of the Springs employees are still out of work because there are so few job opportunities in Lancaster County.
I see this every day in our business at Builders Supply Co. When our company has a job opening, we receive hundreds of applications for a single job. It saddens me that we can hire so few. The unemployed are desperately trying to find a job to provide for their families.
This lumber mill will also provide lumber for the many houses being built in Lancaster County. So this mill would have a rippling effect on our entire county.
One of the most important duties of the Lancaster County Council is to make our county more prosperous by providing good industries with good paying jobs. That is why it is so important for our council to agree to rezone this tract of land on Riverside Road.
By doing this, it will allow the most modern sawmill in the Southeast to be built in our county.
Lastly, this manufacturing facility will have no waste. Even the bark from the trees and every speck of sawdust is a byproduct that will be sold. Because this clean industry has no waste or no run-off, there is nothing that would be detrimental to the Catawba River or Lancaster County.
Please, let’s all welcome this industry to Lancaster County. It will play an important role in the future success of our county.
C.D. “Bubber” Gregory