Ferrara letter: Aren’t there any littering laws here?

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I just can’t believe all the trash along the roads in Indian Land I saw this morning.
I’ve only seen one sign by Aldi about adopting a highway and stopping littering. What good is that?
The area along U.S. 521 has beautiful trees and shrubs and flowers and then you have tons of trash. This is not just along U.S. 521 either.
Lancaster County should place signs with $500 penalties for littering and strictly enforce it.
It is a disgrace to Lancaster County and Indian Land. The county should have the funds for maintenance of the roads in Indian Land.
Let’s keep Indian Land clean and beautiful. After all, it is our home and we are proud to live here, so catch these litterbugs and fine them. See how quickly it will stop. It will be interesting to see what, if any, kind of action will take place.
Susan Ferrara
Indian Land