Evans letter: Sure hope someone is looking out for us

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Thank goodness we have some local commentators, each on a different side of the fence to sort out the Bushes, Clintons and President Barack Obama for us.
I feel so far down the food chain that those aforementioned folks are way over my sphere of understanding.
Remember when that old social studies teacher talked ’bout checks and balances? Well sir, I wrote my last check for affordable health care, I’m still sick and my balance is zero.
Reading newspapers and listening to news anchors scares me. Seems we are in a mess with no end in sight, except the bitter end.
 Wouldn’t you think there are enough intelligent persons in Congress to prevent any federal activity from being shut down for political reasons?
Congress is big business. Candidates spend fortunes to be elected, just so they can better serve the little people like you and me.
W.B. Evans