Evans letter: Plenty of litter all over Lancaster County

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Yes, Susan Ferrara, there are laws against littering here. The real rub comes catching the offender in the act. Down here in middle Lancaster County, the litter problem also exists and throughout our state.
Why, there are Bubba and the boys tossing their bags, wrappers and soft drink containers in the back of the old pickup. Shucks, Bubba don’t like junk in the bed of his truck; he hits the gas pedal and the trash disappears onto your beautiful Indian Land and my middle Lancaster lawn.
Most folks don’t notice trash being tossed, but spotting a blond texting  or a child in an unbuckled car seat gets one’s attention. Where’s that camera phone?
Don’t blame guys in pickups; businessmen in expensive cars litter, as well as those young girls who tie up the passing lane. In fact, we all litter and don’t even think about it. Who wants to smell that old leftover burger the rest of the trip?
Let the inmates out at the Detention Center gather up the trash. Strict enforcement and you will wear an orange suit and work the highway shoulders. Sure makes you have second thoughts about littering, doesn’t it?
Maybe we ought to charge fast food joints a big tax simply because it’s their trash on the roadways.
Wait a minute, that ham biscuit just cost me 5 bucks. That ain’t fair; neither is litter.
W.B. Evans