Evans letter: Please maintain U.S. 521 better

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One thing for sure, readers know I ain’t one to complain ‘bout stuff. That said, let me tell you about the south end of the Gateway to South Carolina.
Most of you know, we ain’t got no interstate highway barreling in from North Carolina, so we just gotta make do with what we got and what we got is U.S. 521. A real four-lane marvel. Why, I lost a big piece of my front yard so that other lane could be made. That sorta makes me feel a small sense of pride, but  I’m too old to maintain it.
I sometimes travel the real interstates and in some states, the roadside is freshly mowed and flowers are blooming. Ain’t no fast food wrappers or turkey feathers littering up the scene. There is no lack of commerce – log trucks, freight carriers and dump trucks are scattered among various shades and body styles of family vehicles. I gotta admit there are bunches of them Dodge Chargers hid out of sight to keep drivers from going airborne or trying to see just how fast they can go.
Now, let’s get back to our ole 521. We got  potholes, tire pieces, litter, tree limbs and an assortment of plastic bottles sitting snuggly in the median and roadsides, not to mention a Bambi or two lying bloated waiting for pick-up or buzzard food.  Then, we churn it all up with an occasional mower and there it sits, as unsightly as possible.
Are you young enough to recall those old highway signs: “See the Best State on the Best Roads?”
Some folks say we have low gasoline taxes and don’t have the resources to look better. The way pump prices vary, we ain’t got any control on that either. Wouldn’t you fork over a couple more pennies if it actually went to highway maintenance, not another need which always seems to be in shortfall, even with its highly advertised education lottery as a fixer-upper?
Those S.C. Department of Transportation dump trucks travel up and down 521, but what do they do? There is a very bad dip on the right south lane, which makes cars and trucks do the “dipsy doodle.” One of those barrels has been stationed there for months. Must be waiting for permission to fix it or requisition a replacement for the barrel, which is getting sorta faded.
I used to collect those reflectors they scrape up when winter thaws come, but they cannot be recycled and look sorta tacky on the sidewalks, which, by the way, are too dangerous to walk on. Seems many motorists enjoy riding as close to the mail boxes as they can.
You know SCDOT employees have a lot of things on their platter and frankly cannot get stuff done unless someone is really in charge. There ain’t been a state highway pothole patcher since the late Dewey Neal and his work crew.
Is Lancaster too far removed from Columbia to get some clear-cut directions on stuff to be done or some kind of plan for overall improvement?
W.B. Evans