Evans letter: Isn’t anyone in Indian Land happy?

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Looking for a sunflower or maybe a four-leaf clover in Sun City Carolina Lakes? These are rare finds indeed.
As a longtime opinion reader and sometime contributor, I am somewhat flabbergasted by the negative comments coming from many residents of our neighborhood to the north.
As a longtime resident of middle Lancaster County, I have observed the economic changes that killed the horse that pulled Lancaster’s wagon. It’s been a rough haul for many who were the workforce behind that Fortune 500 company, which closed its doors on several generations of employees. Maybe we assumed that life, as we lived it, would magically continue.
We were wrong. Little by little, we survived and most have sorta adjusted.
North of the county, a rural section began to sprout wings and flourish with the addition of new homes and newer residents. These new homes seemed to be designed for retired, well-to-do folks from industrial cities that had become crime-infested, overcrowded and traffic-congested. The promise of warmer winters, laid-back lifestyles, lower taxes and open spaces lured many.
Home is like a job. There are only two good jobs, the one you quit and the new one you are going to begin. The old home was familiar; the neighborhood was so-so; traffic was a mess, but there were plenty of places to eat, to shop and visit. Best of all, most were accustomed to tax-provided services. Now they are in another world, where the people talk funny, drive terribly and upscale facilities are too few and far between.
Bless their little old hearts, they ain’t afraid to sound off.  
Many of us old-timers have grown accustomed to slow government response and that’s the cockle-burr under their saddles.
I sure would like to read some favorable comments about that good life and living in Indian Land. Surely, someone is satisfied – you gotta new school, fire station, library, EMS and sheriff’s substation and a host of fast food joints, plus a bunch of traffic lights.
So, tell us, what makes your clock chime?
W.B. Evans