Evans letter: County government not responding to citizens’ concerns

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From actual experience, I know you folks down at the paper really do read the stuff people send in for publication. But I betcha the things that concern the readers are rarely noted by the folks we employ to “run” the business of government.
Lancaster County has what we call an economic development corporation. Seems like their responsibility is to bring jobs into the county, even if it happens to require slapping a bit of grease on the axles. I figure most folks know it takes money to make money, but you gotta be careful to not give away the farm.  Now, there is an ongoing fuss between some members of County Council and the economic development people because some county job hunters over on the other side of the Catawba River don’t want us in their I-77 party. Seems like too much effort is being dedicated to trying to get those folks hugging I-77 to let us be members of their alliance. It surely will take a lot to make me feel that York, Chester and Fairfield counties will put a whole lot of effort into sharing the goodies with us.
Maybe something really rotten is going on. It’s time to clean up our act and get on with it.
Recently, a resident of Indian Land was concerned about litter and wondered if Lancaster County had any anti-littering laws. There was no response from local government. Not even a peep.
During the recent election, candidates for solicitor ran on the speedy processing of criminal cases. According to J.R. Wilt’s recent column, there is a terrible backlog in pending cases. Mr. Wilt even suggests that the district judge may have to let some cases fall through the cracks. Then, Mr. Wilt reminds County Council that the sheriff’s request for more deputies to get the bad guys goes unheeded. Sorta looks like we gotta quit catching the crooks because it takes too long to bring them before the judge who may have to turn them loose anyway.
Don’t think I am making up this stuff, I read it in the paper.
W.B. Evans