Eudy letter: I'm no newbie to Lancaster County

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In reply to W.B. Evans’ letter to the editor titled, “Northerners seek to make Indian Land like home,” Mr. Evans, you should have done your homework about me.
I am not a “newbie” to Indian Land; I have lived here for 28 years. I was on the Lancaster County Historical Commission for seven years and on the Pleasant Valley Fire Commission for  four years. I work at the polls, am active with the Steele Hill AME Zion Church’s Hi-Kee program and have been a Guardian ad Litem for 19 years. I could go on and on, but you need to do a little checking before making assumptions and tossing the “Northern” lingo around!
You didn’t get my message; it was in regard to service stations. I don’t want a service station in Indian Land every 500 feet and if Lancaster County Council had not kicked the B-3 zoning issue under the table, this would not have happened. We now have five service stations within a one-mile radius and another proposed. If someone lit a match, Lancaster County’s cash cow would go up in smoke.
As far as the influx of residents coming to Indian Land, no matter where they are from, they have become a very important part of this community. They volunteer by tutoring in the schools, donate school supplies, fix computers to donate, collect coats, volunteer at the library and the senior center, only to mention a bit of what they do on a daily basis.
Mr. Evans, for anyone to write such misconceptions, not only of me, but of the new residents, is absurd. I suggest that if you have nothing better to do with your time than be annoying, come to Indian Land and drive in traffic on U.S. 521, so you can see the mess we have, which includes North Carolina drivers eager to get cheap South Carolina gas.
Pat Eudy
Indian Land