Don’t expect government to come to our rescue

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By The Staff

The Lynches River Electric Co-operative has announced an increase of its retail cost of electricity due to China’s demand for U.S. coal and a resulting price increase of U.S. coal.

The price of coal has fallen from $150 per short ton to $111.50 per short ton since January 2008. This is about a 26 percent decrease in cost.

Research of federal statistics shows that China exports one third more of its coal reserves as does the United States.

Why then would China desire more imports of foreign coal?

The Lancaster County Natural Gas Authority has increased its cost to the general public by about  9 percent since February 2008 to November 2008 despite a report by a leading local newspaper that the wholesale cost of natural gas has decreased by almost 20 percent during the same period of time.

Corporate greed is not limited to far off places as Wall Street in New York.

It is alive and well here at home where the average citizen is struggling to live and has to make a weekly decision whether to eat or to pay the utility bill.

Since utilities evidently have no respect for the general public’s demise then they should not be surprised when the public holds them up to public ridicule.

The biggest mistake the average citizen can make is to trust the government to come to our rescue. If America is to be saved it will have to start at the bottom first. That bottom is you and I.

William W. Ferguson