Cook wins in Pure Stock V8 debut

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Racing Roundup

By Michael Knight

Lancaster Super Speedway had an amazing car count Saturday night, with another strong night of racing.
In Lancaster Super Speedway’s newly acquired division, the Pure Stock V8 Division debuted, with the front row of Bill Stutler and Jerry Knight.
When the green flag fell to start the race, Stutler, Knight, Wally Cook and Eric Cochran battled for the lead entering turn one. Exiting turn two, Stutler, Knight and Cook contested for first. As the laps ticked off, Cook took control, while Stutler, Knight and Cochran chased. Stutler stayed close to Cook all race long.
Entering the turns, Stutler pulled close to Cook, but roared out of the turns. Cook powered away just enough so Stutler could not get the run he needed entering the turns.
On the last lap, Stutler gave his all, but Cook returned to victory lane. It was a fan favorite and driver’s favorite when Cook took the win as he received an ovation from the fans and numerous drivers congratulated Cook. Top 4: Cook, Stutler, Knight and Cochran.
On a side note, track owner Doug McManus announced the Pure Stock V8 Division will be added to Lancaster Super Speedway next year.
u In the Montgomery Towing Super Stock main event, the front row featured “The Gambler,” Brandy Baker and Jason Gulledge. At the green to start the 14-car field, Baker, Gulledge, Kyle Norwood and Justin Norwood battled for the lead entering turn one.
Exiting turn two, Baker led, but a caution came out. This set up another restart, and it was Baker, Gulledge, and the Norwoods battling for the lead entering turn one. Exiting turn two, Gulledge led while Baker and the Norwoods chased.
As the laps ticked off, the top four drivers battled. Gulledge was pressured by Baker for the lead, while Baker was pressured by the Norwoods.
This battle for third was about bragging rights in the Norwood house.
Baker pulled along side of Gulledge on numerous occasions, only to see Gulledge pull back by him on the outside. Fans cheered Gulledge and Baker as they had one of the top Montgomery Towing Super Stock races of the season. With only a couple of laps left, Baker had the needed run on Gulledge and took the lead.
Gulledge didn’t yield as he was all over Baker for the lead. On the last lap, Gulledge gave his all and nearly pulled up along side of Baker for the lead, but Baker was too tough and won. Top 5: Baker, Gulledge, Kyle Norwood, Justin Norwood and Matt Cauthen.
On a side note, drivers making their returns to LSS on Saturday in the Super Stock Division were Matt Cauthen, Andrew Winderl, Barry Mathis, Andy Blackwood and Artie Brownell. Landon Hammond flipped on the back straightaway during open laps, but he was OK.
u In the Deal 1 Auto Sales SECA Crate Sportsman main event, the front row had returning Andrew Blackwood and Travis Payne. When the green flag waved, Blackwood, Payne, Jacob Catoe and Jeffrey McGuirt battled for the lead entering turn one.
An opening lap caution led to a restart and the same four drivers roared into turn one battling for the lead. Exiting turn two, it was Payne and Blackwood battling for the lead.
Contact on the back straightaway had both drivers hit the outside wall hard. Payne’s night ended, while Andrew Blackwood continued.
By this time, Andy Blackwood made his way through the field to third. When the race restarted, it was the Blackwoods, Catoe and McGuirt battling for the lead. Andrew Blackwood had a flat, pitted and returned to field’s rear.
Andy Blackwood led and Catoe pursued.
While the lead battle was waged, Andrew Blackwood showed the true power of his No. 57 machine and worked his way through the field.
With a couple of laps left, something happened on Andy Blackwood’s car and Catoe took the lead and won.
Top five: Catoe, Andrew Blackwood, McGuirt, Bill Knight and Jamie Thomasson.
u In the Cauthen Motors Renegade main event, Brandy Baker and Steve Hinson were on the front. At the green, Brandy Baker, Hinson, Kody Roach and Andrew Baker battled for the lead entering turn one. Exiting turn two, the Bakers and Hinson battled for the lead.
An opening lap caution caused Brandy Baker to pit. Brandy Baker returned to the field’s rear, and on the restart, it was Andrew Baker, Hinson, Kody Roach and Pebo Johnson battling for the lead entering turn one.
Exiting turn two, Hinson and Andrew Baker battled for the lead,
Andrew Baker took the lead and began to pull away. Brandy Baker, in a fast pace, worked his way through the field, but Andrew Baker took his fourth straight win. Top 5: Andrew Baker, Brandy Baker, Steve Hinson, Pebo Johnson and Koy Roach.
u In the M&M Garage Extreme 4 main event, the front row for the 22-car field had David Laney and Chris Baker.
At the green flag, Laney, Baker, Mike Baucom and Brad McManus battled for the lead. As the laps ticked off and after numerous cautions, the lead duo of Baker and Laney battled.
Laney sought a way around the fast No. 5 of Baker all race long. Laney dove below Baker in the turns and pulled beside of Baker, only to see Baker power back by down the straights.
While the lead duo put on a show, the drivers raced through the field for positions. Up front, Laney pressured Baker for first place, but Baker led. Taking the white flag, Laney dove below Baker entering turn one. Exiting turn two, Laney gave his all, but a caution caused a car stop.
LSS restarted the race, but something broke on Baker’s car. This allowed Laney to take the lead for the win.
Top five: Laney, 12th-starting Chris Hinson, 10th-starting Jay Johnson, 11th-starting Scott Wallace and 19th-starting Alexus Motes.
u In the M&M Garage Extreme 4 promoter’s choice non-winners race, Jay Johnson and Scott Wallace battled throughout the race. Wallace led most of the race, but with a few laps to go, Johnson got the needed run exiting turn four and passed Wallace and notched his first career win.
Lancaster Super Speedway returns to action Saturday with five divisions.
The card has the Montgomery Towing Super Stock, Deal 1 Auto Sales SECA Crate Sportsman, Cauthen Motors Renegade, Pure Stock V8 and M&M Garage Extreme 4.
Pits admission is $25 and grandstands $12. Pit gates open at 4 p.m. and the grandstands at 5.
To purchase a DVD from any race this season, visit Jackie Sims in the pits, or message him on facebook. DVDs are $10 each.
To learn more about Lancaster Super Speedway, visit the track’s website at www.lancastersuperspeedway.com, or visit the track’s facebook page at Lancaster Super Speedway (Doug McManus).
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