Column: I don’t believe marchers’ science

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By Rudy Schmidt

This weekend over 600 rallies and marches happened around the world for science. I watched some of the speeches on CSPAN from the rally in D.C. Many science topics were spoken about, but the core subject was that man-made global warming is considered settled science.
What they are proclaiming is that their science is real. Why do they need rally for science that is real? They are not supporting Newton’s laws of motion here.
There have been many cases of science facts that turn out to be not true or real after all. Centuries ago scientists believed there was this invisible substance called phlogiston that existed in all combustible things. That theory was then superseded by later theories about how combustion works.
Al Gore has been a major champion for the idea of man-made global warming. He has made many millions preaching about this while flying around the world, creating a carbon footprint larger than a thousand regular folks. He is the high priest of glo-bull warming.
Most liberals do not believe in God, but they do have idols they worship.  False science is one of those idols.  Their false science idol may consult with their other impressive idol – the state – to determine their next new truth.
The liberals’ position on climate science is viewed with suspicion by many of us on the other side of the political fence. I can say the same about their ideology-saturated science on evolution, the Big Bang, abortion, and now gender confusion/fluidity. This is what the liberals’ rallies are defending. If they did not defend them, we would laugh them out of existence. To them, I am the problem, because I do not believe their science.
Good science has accomplished a lot in the history of civilization because it came from the Jewish and Christian concept of an orderly, rational universe created by a rational and righteous God. That is my world view.  Any science created out of a political society without that world view is a fool’s journey.
God’s science is discoverable with knowable laws of nature from nature’s God. It does not need to be defended.
Science that requires a rally or march for its defense by indoctrinated people is baloney. We are being destroyed today because the leftist and secular world does not want to know a God they did not create.

Rudy Schmidt lives in Lancaster.