Column: Gift for the friend who has everything – Fancy fowl!

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I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Kent Jewell for selling me two of the most beautiful and unusual chickens I’ve ever seen. Yep, chickens.
I needed them as a birthday present for my friend Tommy Pope. Tommy turned 50 this week, and I wanted to surprise him with something special.
Tommy means a lot to me and my family. He prosecuted the men who murdered my son, Deputy Brent McCants, in 1992. And he has always stayed in close touch with me and my other son, Billy Dale, who was injured in a car crash in 1988 and now lives in a nursing home.
I started out trying to find Tommy a peacock. I called The Lancaster News and asked Ms. Jane Alford if she knew anybody who sells peacocks, and she said call Mr. Kent Jewell at (803) 320-3708. She had gotten some chickens from him.
What do you get a person who has everything? Fancy birds! I knew Tommy already had a chicken coop and that his wife Kim and daughter Kaylen love chickens.
We had a great birthday party Monday at Tommy’s law office in Rock Hill and surprised him with the chickens. They are buff silkies, Mr. Jewell says. A hen and a rooster. They were $25 a pair. They have feathers that look like golden fur.
He raises them in his backyard off Camp Creek Road. He had a lot of other types, too, but I liked these.
Tommy said he’d call them Myra and Billy Dale.
Thank you, Jane Alford and Mr. and Mrs. Jewell, for helping make this a birthday Tommy will remember.


Myra McCants lives in Lancaster.