Column: Enough with the political theater!

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Political theater – that is all we have in Washington these days.
A number of Democrats have begun raising the possibility of removing President Trump from office for mental incapacity.
Among these members of Congress is a Georgia representative who once asked in a House hearing if the military was worried that putting too many soldiers on a Pacific island might cause it to tip over and capsize.
Another holds rallies chanting “Impeach 45,” citing no legal reason.
Still another, in an interview, was asked if she might use the 25th Amendment as grounds for Trump’s removal, and she answered that she hadn’t thought about that but she would look into the 25th. The 25th Amendment lays out how a president can be removed if he cannot fulfill his responsibilities, and she hasn’t even looked at it.
The chances of this happening are slim to none. These folks say Trump has mental problems, but I think it’s all for show. They are just creating political theater and looking silly in the process. They look like a bunch of children in a nursery school, accomplishing nothing.
The Republicans have been guilty of theatrics too, for example voting on and on to repeal Obamacare when they knew it would only be vetoed if it ever got to his desk.
And President Trump has taken theatrics to a new level of bad taste with his tweets. I don’t think he should stop tweeting, I just wish he would tweet more responsibly.
But someone please tell the Democrats that bad taste is not a sign of mental illness. I don’t think any of these politicians are mentally ill. They are just trying so hard to find new ways to impress and incite their constituents that they act without thinking.
I have a suggestion! How about impressing us with your legislative skills, statesmanship or just plain common sense.
The people who say Trump is embarrassing us need to look in the mirror and realize that they are just as embarrassing.
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Texas Democrat, recently suggested that Trump be removed because his popularity is down to 36 percent. If Trump should be removed because his poll numbers are so low, what should happen to Congress, whose approval rating is at 17 percent?


Dr. L. Brooks Walker is a Heath Springs resident.