Column: Animals have more rights than unborn child in womb

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By Dr. Steve Stewart

Two stories have captured the attention of many Americans in the past few days: a new law on abortion in the state of New York, and a law proposed in the U.S. House that would make cruelty to animals a felony, punishable by up to seven years in prison.
I’m sure that I am not the only one who sees the apparent irony of those two news stories.
First, let’s think about the new law signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York. The law allows the abortion of unborn babies up to the moment before birth. It also authorizes various health professionals other than doctors to perform the procedure.
The law even removes protections for babies accidentally born alive during an abortion. In other words, even if the baby somehow is born, he/she can still be killed outside the womb.
Let’s call this what it is: Murder! It’s the appropriate word for this heinous act. Of course, murder is the word for the killing of a baby at any moment post-conception. Life begins at conception, and the taking of that life at any moment after that is an act of murder.
And the proposed legislation that would make animal cruelty punishable by up to seven years in prison smacks in the face of the new abortion law. Animals are protected by the law, but babies have no protection at all.
Now please hear me – I am in no way advocating animal cruelty. It truly disgusts me to hear reports of the careless acts of violence against animals, and I do believe that those who commit such heartless acts should be brought to justice.
But to compare the two – the murder of a human being, and cruelty against animals – and to actually hold one accountable while celebrating the other, shows how sick our society has become.
Yes, the passing of the bill to allow abortions up to the moment of birth was actually applauded as Gov. Cuomo signed the bill into law. And then, to flaunt it even more in the face of America, he had the World Trade Center luminated with pink light to celebrate the event. Celebrating the wanton, reckless death of a fully developed baby, just moments from birth.
How did we ever get here? We got here by rejecting our rich Judeo-Christian heritage. Abortion is now just a form of birth control.
The pro-choice advocates applaud their victory, which allows them to legally commit murder against the most vulnerable among us. They make the choice to enter into sexual relationships with the full knowledge that if they happen to become pregnant they can put that baby to death with no legal consequences. Animals have more rights than the unborn child growing in his/her mother’s womb.
I am asking you to join me in prayer for our nation. I am asking that you pray with me for God to bring about a reversal of this heinous law in New York, and stop it from becoming law in other states that are now contemplating enacting this same law.
Also, join me in praying for those states that have now moved toward enacting laws that would protect the unborn. Pray for those politicians to remain strong in their commitment to life.
And finally, join me in praying for God to do whatever it takes to bring this nation to its knees in repentance. We are moving headlong to total self-destruction as a nation.
A nation which once embraced the principles of the Christian faith and then rejects those principles places itself in direct opposition to the sovereign God of the universe. That will prove to be a fatal mistake.
God help us!

Dr. Steve Stewart is a retired Lancaster pastor living in Fort Mill.