Clements letter: Domestic violence bill just for women?

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The Associated Press had an article in the Feb. 25 papers about the domestic violence bill now wending its way through the Legislature.
Like Gov. Nikki Haley’s new commission, this bill has all the appearances of being a “hit job” aimed at males. Haley’s commission is staffed by a number of feminist-centered organizations and people.
This bill is written strictly in feminist terms. Only women can be victims of domestic violence; only males can be perpetrators. To prove the point, today’s article was written around the story of Sen. Katrina Shealy’s sister and how she was beaten by her husband, and threatened by her husband, for 16 years.
Nowhere in the article did we see a corresponding story about a man who was battered and abused by his wife, even though a myriad of studies have shown that men are abused and battered at equal (some say greater) rates than women.
No family member of an abused male was asked how the violence impacted their families. No non-feminist groups have been invited to send a spokesperson.
Not having read the bill in its entirety, we can only surmise that this legislation is just another entitlement for women.
The several articles which have appeared in the state’s newspapers, have not offered any indication that abuse against males will be part of the discussion on this bill.
It’s in the can, or would be if the debate over guns is halted. The entitlement has been written, and only gun rights are left to slow it down.
That’s odd, however, because federal law provides that any time a person is accused, not yet convicted, of domestic violence, he loses both rights and guns.
Perhaps, this being a female entitlement bill, the authors don’t want violent women to lose their guns. Just men.
Paul M. Clements