Christian morals never left council

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Cami Steen

My name is Cami H. Steen and I am one of Lancaster County Councilman Larry Honeycutt’s four daughters. My father is seeking re-election for District 4 County Council, which is my voting district.
I would first like to say thank you to my father for all of his diligent work over these last four years. He loves Lancaster County and is truly committed to making it a better place to live – right now and for future generations. He is concerned for every citizen of Lancaster County and not just the people in his district.
I would also like to thank everyone who has supported him in his re-election bid and I look forward to seeing you at the polls on Nov. 2.
In a recent article printed in The Lancaster News on October 8, 2010, my father’s opponent, Philip Tillman, made the statement that he is “trying to bring Christian morals back to County Council.” He again made this statement at the political forum at the University of South Carolina at Lancaster on Tuesday evening.
It is my opinion that Mr. Tillman made this statement in an attempt to disparage my father’s character and to suggest that my father is not a Christian man. For the record and to clarify, Larry Honeycutt has been a member of Reformation Lutheran Church for nearly 48 years. He and my mother made sure that my sisters and I were involved in church and we attended there as a family.  My father is in the men’s group at our church and he has served on our Church Council during several terms over the years. He loves our church and he is a good Christian man. Our family and our many friends know this to be true.
In making his statement, Mr. Tillman seems to infer that none of our current County Council members are Christians. I would encourage Mr. Tillman to take some time to speak with a few Council members, for if he does, he will find that all of our County Council members are church-going, God-loving people.
Philip Tillman has a right to run for office and I do not begrudge him that. It is indeed a fact that people do not always agree when it comes to politics. But it is my hope that when making future comments, Mr. Tillman will restrict his to those dealing with politics instead of unnecessary innuendo regarding a good man’s character.
So in closing, I do not believe that Mr. Tillman can ever “bring Christian morals back to County Council” simply because they never left.

Cami H. Steen