Children reveal Christmas magic

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I have my share of Christmas memories, and these are ones I recall about my children, Caroline and Jackson, in their childhood.

When Jackson was a youngster, one Christmas Day I asked him about Christmas Eve night. I asked if he slept well with all the anticipation of the big day with Santa’s visit to our home.

Jackson said he did wake up during the night and peered out his window.

To my surprise, I wondered aloud what he saw out on our lawn.

He said he saw Santa’s sleigh parked outside his window. He gave me a vivid description of the sleek reindeer waiting for Santa to return to his sleigh.

Jackson said he could see the reindeer’s breath in the cold air that night. He also noted about the packed big, shiny red sleigh.

Knowing Santa is always watching, Jackson said he soon hopped back in bed.

Truly, it was Christmas through a child’s eyes.

Then, there was that Christmas where Jackson was getting a train set from our family as a gift. I toiled and toiled late into the night in hopes of putting it together for Christmas morning, so he could go right to it.

Frustrated, I finally yielded the task.

The next morning, Jackson, as on cue, went right to the train and put it together without a hitch.

In this case, some parts of Christmas are just for children. I’ll stick to writing.

One Christmas Eve, heading back home in our family van, came the question, “What are you going to do with that old vanity?”

That Yule question came from my daughter Caroline some years back. She said on her visit to Santa and sharing her wish list earlier that day, Caroline asked for a new vanity for her room.

She was confident Santa would deliver as he promised as she sat on his knee. When she arrived home, she pushed her old toy vanity out in the hall.

She was right, and that old vanity, we found a new home for a deserving little girl.

– Robert Howey, sports editor