Chick letter: Indian Land needs its own post office

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I moved to Sun City Carolina Lakes in Indian Land over the Christmas holiday. I found a morning group of guys who have a wealth of information about the area that I needed and wanted to know, so I joined them. Talk came around about needing a post office in our area.
So being me, I wrote a letter to our Congressman Mick Mulvaney. I hear he campaigned on wanting to serve the taxpayers of this area. Well, what I arrived at is we the people really need  our own post office. The letter was written and mailed.
Now as I wait for the answer, a call came in from someone in Mulvaney’s  local office. The caller told me there was a post office behind the Burger King. I asked where and this seemed to catch the person off-guard. I had to tell him I was knew where the post offices are. He hung up. 
Next came a letter from a manager at the regional post office for this area. The letter was direct: Fort Mill post office is only 15 minutes from my house with two ZIP codes, one Fort Mill, one Indian Land. Another contract  post office is at the corner of  S.C. 160 and U.S. 521 in a gas station, which also sells gas, sodas and honey buns. By the way, the sign there is covered with delivery boxes. 
I was also told about a post office at Van Wyck. I went there three times – twice it was closed. Then I found out it was a part-time office. But to add fluff to the letter, it was suggested I go to the Catawba post office or travel to Waxhaw, N.C. The manager noted they continually monitor the area’s postal needs. 
All this is an answer to where the post offices are, but no answer as to why we cannot have our own post office.  We have more residents than four of the area post offices. Think of how many of us old folks this would keep off our pot-holed roadways. 
If you feel the same way as I do, contact your local U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney, 1456 Ebenezer Road, Rock Hill, SC 29732; or call his office, (803) 327-1114.
William Chick
Indian Land