Candidate's Column: School board needs new philosophy

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My name is Chris Campbell and I am running for the Lancaster County school board’s District 7 seat to represent Indian Land.
I’ve lived here in Indian Land almost 10 years. I have two children who have attended ILES and ILMS, and now I have one at ILHS. I know many of you from the community and many from coaching and volunteer work in this community.
We have seen a lot of growth in Lancaster County, by way of Indian Land, in the last 10 years, but I don’t think we have been quite prepared for the growth.
Indian Land’s growth is unique in Lancaster County. Our schools are overcrowded, and our infrastructure is not sufficient to support sustained growth. We all know this is the case, but should we keep doing the same thing we’ve been doing, hoping it will change?
Our teachers are being asked to do more with less, and something has to change in the ways we prepare for continued growth. Schools have an obligation to the children and parents and to the community to be a good citizen of that community by effective planning and managing impacts.
My background is in planning and management of large projects. I believe the planning and management for Indian Land’s continued growth needs to be aggressively driven by a voice for this community, not the same old philosophies.
It’s time to change how we do things.
I am a parent of children who are impacted by the decisions made by this school board. I am an active and proud member of this community. My interest is only the best for the children, the schools and this community.
I would love the opportunity to talk with any of you about issues or to hear your thoughts about issues, challenges and ideas. Thanks.