Campbell letter: Don’t leave furry babies outside alone

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It was with great sadness I read the May 8 article regarding the shooting deaths of the three Chihuahuas.
As the owner of three long-coat Chihuahuas myself, I empathize with the owners of these dogs. Our dogs are our furry babies and want to spend every minute with us. Lapdogs they certainly are and the love they give is abundant.
I agree that anyone who could shoot innocent creatures is capable of other acts of violence.
While I don’t want to add more grief to these heartbroken owners, I simply cannot understand why they were outside alone in the first place. Our furry babies love being with us on our deck and we have a fenced-in area where they can run and play. Every minute they are outside, one of us is with them. I simply can’t fathom leaving them alone outside for any length of time.
When we leave our house, they are left inside and, most of the time, just sleep in their beds. Do they ever make a mess? Yes, of course they do, but this is one of the responsibilities of owning them.
Along with finding the culprit of this senseless murder, I also hope owners reading this article will learn a lesson from this incident. Your furry babies should never, ever be left alone outside. Any animal, especially the little ones, are vulnerable and are totally defenseless when left alone outside.
Vicki Campbell