Campaign barbecue fundraiser held at city of light

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Mulvaney, Gowdy discuss issues

By The Staff

INDIAN LAND – ObamaCare and Syria were some of the issues Congressmen Mick Mulvaney and Trey Gowdy addressed during a campaign event for Mulvaney held Aug. 27 at the City of Light in Indian Land.
More than 400 people gathered to eat barbecue and hear the legislators speak, while showing their support for Mulvaney.
David Williams said he is supportive of Mulvaney’s “straight shooter” philosophy.
“(Mulvaney) does what we want him to do up there,” Williams said.
Kristy Anderson said she feels fortunate to have Mulvaney as a representative.
“I’m thrilled to have somebody who hasn’t been in Washington for the past 25 years,” she said.
Mulvaney’s local ties have kept him grounded as a leader, said Linda Williams.
“He hasn’t forgotten why he was sent up there,” she said.
Larry Magnuson, a former Marine, said he supports Mulvaney’s views.
“He has a set of morals,” he said.
Magnuson was also pleased with the number of residents who came out to show their support.
“To have this many people here this early says something,” he said.
However, Anderson said she wished more young people would get involved. She said if things do not improve “it’s our kids that are going to be screwed.”
As Mulvaney introduced Gowdy, he described him as a good friend. Gowdy, a former solicitor, represents the Fourth Congressional District in South Carolina, which includes much of the Upstate, including Greenville and Spartanburg.
Before Gowdy discussed any issues with the residents, he thanked Mulvaney for his support.
“(Mulvaney) enabled me to not only be a better congressman, but a better person,” he said.
Gowdy addressed the issue of “phony scandals,” in which the government is describing the scandals surrounding the IRS and NSA as fake, or phony.
Referring to the scandal surrounding the murders of four American citizens in the Benghazi attacks, Gowdy said this is not the case.
“It is a scandal,” he said. “But it is not a phony scandal.”
Gowdy said these scandals begin to chip away at the public’s trust in their government.
“There is nothing phony about (citizens) not trusting the people they put in positions of leadership,” he said.
Gowdy urged readers to hold their representatives accountable.
“The price of greatness is responsibility,” he said.  
During the question section of the event, one resident asked what the congressmen planned to do to stop ObamaCare.
Mulvaney said while it is highly unlikely they will be able to stop the health care plan, they will continue their efforts to defund it.
Mulvaney also urged residents to continue the debate on ObamaCare.
“Do not underestimate the importance of that,” he said.
Another resident raised concerns over the United States’ involvement in Syria.
While Mulvaney said he did not believe President Barack Obama will ask Congress for input, he said the president does not have justification for making this decision unilaterally and that involvement in Syria may not be the country’s best option.
“We need to understand that sometimes doing nothing has to be an option,” he said.
Mulvaney also addressed his recent cuts to the military budget, which involved a reduction of $5 billion to the proposed $85 billion budget. Mulvaney said the $5 billion he cut was extra money not originally included in defense department’s original budget proposal of $80 billion.
“It is dishonest of us to hide money in the war budget,” he said.
Mulvaney thanked his supporters for coming to the barbecue. Money from the tickets, which were $25 per person and $40 per couple, will go to support Mulvaney’s 2014 campaign.