Burger King fans happy again

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By Jesef Williams

Thomas Belcher waited more than three months to eat a Burger King double cheeseburger.

When the fast food restaurant closed in March to be torn down, the Lancaster resident said he reluctantly ate at other local burger joints.

At first, Belcher didn't know if Burger King was going to be rebuilt, but once he saw the company signage installed on the building, he knew that his beloved flame-broiled double cheeseburger would soon be in close range.

Belcher was among the several hundred customers who flooded Burger King on North Main Street on July 2, which was its official first day open again in Lancaster.

"Ain't nothing better than this place," Belcher said after ordering his food.

The new Burger King features a double drive-through and is open 24 hours a day.

Burger King business manager Hazra Rahim said the restaurant has more of a modern feel on the inside, with bar stools and a flat-screen TV. The colors also convey a warmer, relaxed cafe atmosphere.

The Lancaster location, with its narrow frame, is the first Burger King restaurant in the Charlotte/South Carolina market to be made into a "rock building," Rahim said.

And because of a double drive-through and extended hours, the restaurant has about 25 more crew members than before – bringing the number of employees to nearly 50.

"We got the majority of our employees to come back after so long," Rahim said. "We're happy about that."

As James Evans ate at Burger King on Wednesday afternoon with his sister, Janie Parker, he talked about his plan to patronize the restaurant on a regular basis. He said he can't get enough of the Whopper.

"I'll go to the double Whopper and then to the triple," Evans said. "I'll probably eat here for the rest of the week."

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