Birth Announcement

Information must be submitted within two months of the birth. Verification of birth certificate is required prior to publication. A copy of the birth certificate may be faxed to our office at (803) 283-8969 or delivered in person for verification. All copies will be shredded after the announcement runs.

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We ask this question so that we list parents correctly in the announcement. When we identify the mother's parents, we use the mother's last name with Mrs. or Ms. Example 1: John and Jane Doe are the parent of a son, Jimmy Doe, born Jan. 1. Mrs. Doe is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith. Example 2: John Doe and Jane Smith are the parents of a son, Jimmy Doe, born Jan. 1. Ms. Smith is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Fred Smith.

Submit your baby's photo, file formats excepted are gif, jpeg and png.

Example: John, age 3; Robert, age 6

Example: Mary, age 2; Jane, age 6

Both parents may be contacted to validate information. Father's name cannot be included unless it appears on the baby's birth certificate. Information will be verified with the hospital.

Anything else we need to know.

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