641 more homes get green light

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Sugar Creek and Chateau Ridge both on Harrisburg Road

By Stephanie Jadrnicek

Two new subdivisions, totaling 641 homes, are slated to be built along Harrisburg Road in Indian Land.
During its Jan. 15 meeting, Lancaster County Planning Commission approved the proposed Sugar Creek and Chateau Ridge cluster subdivisions, subject to several conditions.

Sugar Creek
The proposed Sugar Creek subdivision lies along Harrisburg Road, about a mile north of the intersection with Barberville Road. Located on both sides of Harrisburg Road, the development stretches nearly 290 acres and will contain 512 single-family lots – 381 of them age-restricted.
Planning Director Penelope Karagounis said the developer has not given details on the age restriction because that information is not required at this point in the process.
PCI Group, a printing service company, borders the north and west sides of the proposed Sugar Creek subdivision. A PCI Group representative voiced concern at the meeting about possible issues such as a downturn in production due to a decrease in electric or water power.
“The developer addressed his concerns, noting that they were increasing the size of the water line from 6 to 12 inches to maintain the current water pressure, and that typically developments wet tap the existing line to connect, therefore there should be no downturn in production for PCI,” Karagounis said.
The Planning Commission unanimously approved the Sugar Creek subdivision with several conditions, including that all proposed off-site and site access road improvements are subject to S.C. Department of Transportation approval and, due to its location, Sugar Creek will be part of the Carolina Thread Trail.

Chateau Ridge
Located less than a mile southeast of the intersection of Barberville and Harrisburg roads, Chateau Ridge is a proposed development of 129 lots on about 57 acres.
Karagounis said the first proposal from Sinacori Builders was denied by the Planning Commission for a number of reasons, but mainly due to sidewalks and storm drainage.
“The previous proposal did not include sidewalks south along the street frontage on Harrisburg Road, however the new proposal does include a meandering sidewalk within the buffer yard area on both sides of the road,” she said. “Fencing around the stormwater management ponds was discussed at both meetings and included as a condition for approval at this meeting.”
Five residents ex-pressed opposition to the Chateau Ridge proposal, mainly citing concerns about traffic and road conditions along Harrisburg Road. Other concerns included stormwater management and drainage, as well as the buffer area between Chateau Ridge and the homes along Wilson Drive.
In a 5-2 vote, the Planning Commission approved the proposed Chateau Ridge subdivision with the following conditions: all road improvements are subject to S.C. Department of Transportation approval, final approval from Lancaster Water and Sewer and fencing around all stormwater management ponds.
Neither of these subdivisions requires ap-proval from Lancaster County Council.

Council vote
On Feb. 11, county council will consider Suncrest Real Estate and Land’s 75-acre mixed-use development with 235 townhomes adjacent to the Sugar Creek subdivision.