5th District Candidate: David Kulma

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Party: Green.
Age: 32.
Residence: Rock Hill.
Family: Wife, Kristen. Dog, Pollock.
Education: Graduated from high school in 2003. Received a bachelor’s degree in oboe performance and a master’s in music composition from Kent State University.
Employment: Adjunct professor of music, Winthrop University.
Civic involvement: None listed.
Political experience: None.
Top issues:
◆ Health care – Change to a single-payer, Medicare For All system. Everyone in, no one out. Your choice of doctor or hospital. Eliminate the paperwork and waste that comes with insurance companies and save over $400 billion a year. No one should have to put up a GoFundMe account to cover a medical bill.
◆ Education – Change to a system that puts all taxpayer money into public schools. No more money for private schools. A college-level education should be available to all at taxpayer expense at a college or technical school of the student’s choice. Eliminate all college debt. Wipe it away forever. Imagine if millions of Americans had an extra couple of hundred dollars a month to spend.
◆ Imprisonment – Our jails are modern-day plantations. People are forced to work to make profits for private corporations, because of the Exception Clause in the 13th amendment. Remove that clause and make a permanent end to slavery in the United States.
◆ Campaign donations – The core problem causing these, and many other problems, is the influence and control by very rich people through campaign donations and influence peddling. Until better campaign finance limits are in place, rich and well-connected people will get what they want.