Rosie's mom and dad were Lucy and Snoopy at Scapeore Kennel in Mayesville, SC. She's been with us since 6 weeks old.
Loves to play with squeaky toys, could care less about a ball. Will sit and wait for a treat until given a command.
Like all dachshunds, sleeping and barking are high on the list for favorite thing to do.
Visit the Lancaster County Animal Shelter at 118 Kennel Lane, or call them at (803) 286-8103.

Dear Future Owner,

I am here at the shelter waiting for you to come and pick me up. I'm not mad that you're late – my friends and I want to see you soon, though. If you don't come soon I may not be here! We have others who really want to take us home, so you need to get here fast! Please come and see us at the Lancaster Animal Shelter. We need and want a new home, and you need a new friend.  

Thanks so much,
Your Loving Pet