Bella in the golf car.

Bella Rose Catoe

Standard Poodle
5188 Ussery Road
We purchased Bella 4 years ago from a lady in Campobello, SC as a puppy. She was about 8 pounds then, but has grown to about 65 pounds now.
Whenever she meets someone new, she sits down in front of them and raises her paw to shake hands.
Bella's favorite activity is riding in the golf car and watching the cows in a pasture near our home.
Visit the Lancaster County Animal Shelter at 118 Kennel Lane, or call them at (803) 286-8103.

Dear Future Owner,

I am here at the shelter waiting for you to come and pick me up. I'm not mad that you're late – my friends and I want to see you soon, though. If you don't come soon I may not be here! We have others who really want to take us home, so you need to get here fast! Please come and see us at the Lancaster Animal Shelter. We need and want a new home, and you need a new friend.  

Thanks so much,
Your Loving Pet