Today's Opinions

  • Letter: March 16 deadline for most county taxes

    An important deadline is approaching for Lancaster County taxpayers – the closing of the county’s 2015 tax books, which takes place March 16. This is an important step in the annual fiscal budgeting process for Lancaster County government, as it allows those who serve on county council, the school board and the town and city councils to determine how much tax revenue they will have to work with as they finish their 2016-17 budgets.

  • Letter: Van Wyck moves to incorporate

    After three years of work and serious threats to its existence, Van Wyck has decided to incorporate as the town of Van Wyck.
    The incorporation proposal was submitted to the Secretary of the State of South Carolina on Monday, March 7, by the Incorporate Van Wyck Committee after approval by a community meeting Saturday, March 5.
    To our surprise, the Secretary of State’s office indicated that there was a 15-day notice requirement that could not be waived. We were instructed to bring the incorporation proposal back for filing on March 22.

  • Column: Trump-mania not so hard to understand

    The Trump phenomenon has been the biggest story in this election cycle, and there are so many who shake their heads in disbelief and can’t understand how he is still in the running.

  • Column: Exit polls show party differences across our state

    Unlike a lot of other states, in South Carolina we don’t have voter registration by party affiliation, so the only way to really know who is a Democrat and who is a Republican is to either ask them or look at primary elections.
    This month, we have had the rare circumstance of having both a Democratic and Republican presidential primary one week apart. And because they were primary elections and far fewer people vote than in a general election, we get a look at who are the most hard-core partisan voters.

  • Letter: Calling Democrats: Let’s get organized

    Now is the time for S.C. Democrats to get organized for the 2016 elections. Precinct reorganization meetings will be held next Saturday, March 12, at 10 a.m.
    Every county’s precinct meetings are held on the same date and at the same time. Refer to your voter-registration card to find the name of your precinct, and bring the card with you to the meeting.
    The officers and delegates elected at these precinct meetings will attend the Lancaster County Democratic Convention, where a new slate of county party officers will be elected.

  • Change in Washington? That’s wishful thinking

    Many voters seek change in Washington politics. Isn’t that a pie in the sky wish?
    The voters feel an obligation to re-elect the same old members of Congress because it gives our representatives and senators the seniority they need to lead important committees. Right off the bat, we are laying the groundwork for gridlock.

  • Column: Effectiveness more important than candidates’ spirituality

    I would like to respond to Dr. Frankie Melton, my respected friend and colleague, concerning his Feb. 28 column “Donald Trump the antithesis of the Sermon on the Mount.”
    Dr. Melton opined that evangelicals who voted for Trump in the S.C. primary are either lost, carnal, ignorant or not paying attention to politics. I disagree.
    When did POTUS come to be an acronym for Pastor of the United States?

  • Column: Congress cares about self-interest, reelection

    Millions of Americans have lost confidence in those individuals whom we have elected as our representatives of Washington. The adage that we love our representative or senator, but hate what all those others in Congress are doing, has long since passed. In truth, there now is little difference between Republicans and Democrats in our nation’s capital.
    Oh sure, the philosophies, the talk and the issues are starkly different between the two. But self-interest and reelection rhetoric is what really compels their actions.