Today's Opinions

  • Letter: One-of-a-kind nurse

    I have written a lot of letters. This one is about a beautiful lady who is a nurse in the emergency room at Springs Memorial Hospital.  This lady is a super nurse, one of a kind. She was meant to be a nurse. She treats you with respect. She is an asset to the hospital.
    She was my wife’s home health nurse for a while before she passed away in 2008. She loved Laura. Thank you, Laura, for all of your hard work. You are truly one of a kind.

    Carl M. Miles

  • Our View: Generosity triumphs with Christmas Basket

    Ward Faulkenberry would be grateful.
    The Christmas charity that bears his name blew the top off its $10,000 goal with a last-minute surge of donations, raising $12,660 through Dec. 23 with a week still to go before the drive’s year-end close.
    There have been 129 donations so far this year, helping nearly 750 Lancaster County residents with boxes of food for a Christmas meal and stockings full of gifts. The recipients were selected through the  Department of Social Services, the Lancaster County Council on Aging, other agencies and churches.

  • Column: 2016 Resolution: Let’s cut smoking among S.C. kids

    The two most often made (and broken) New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight and to quit smoking. If you need any evidence of this, count how many ads you see on TV for weight loss and quit-smoking products in all the football bowl games.
    Now before we go too much further, it’s time for a full disclosure. I’m overweight and I occasionally have a smoke. That said, I’m on a plan to lose weight (I’m halfway to my goal) and I smoke about one cigar a month – though in my youth I was a pack-a-day guy. I’m getting there.

  • Letter: On Presbyterians, Noble gets it wrong

    The low-information voters who read Phil Noble’s Dec. 18 column  (“Ban evil religious sect… the Presbyterians”) probably thought he was serious. They don’t know he is just seriously wrong about Presbyterian theology. Those who realized he was attempting to be sarcastically clever merely thought the piece insipid and misleading.

  • Letter: ‘Beard plan’ is answer to Medicare tax increase

    From your printed pages, I notice our  local leaders have some new spending plans on the drawing boards.
    To be fair, I’m sure a bunch of it is justified. I go along with plans to pump up  the budget as an effort to retain our law enforcement officers and EMS personnel. Us folks have to do the best we can. Holding on to trained officers is better than starting over with a bunch of recruits. When I holler “HELP,” don’t send me a rookie.

  • Why is Trump gaining support of evangelicals?

    I am astounded by the hypocrisy of so-called Republican values voters.

    Daily polling data places Donald Trump well ahead of the conservative, evangelical candidates in the GOP field. A recent Fox News poll had Trump with 26 percent of the Republican vote, while Rick Santorum and Bobby Jindal languished with 0 percent of the vote. Mike Huckabee did little better at 4 percent. Ted Cruz came in at 13 percent, but that was still half of Trump’s percentage.

  • After traumatic year,S.C. looks forward to 2016

    Without a doubt, this has been a trying year for South Carolina. We have witnessed and experienced tough times – from the tragic killings at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston that left our great state shaken to its core, to the recent floods that damaged many areas across the state.

    We have endured the deaths of Walter Scott and Officer Greg Alia. It has truly been one of the most emotional years in our history.

  • A Christmas miracle dream

    Without little ones, Christmas morning sort of leaves a void, and we have to eat that cookie we left by the mantel.

    Somewhere I read that folks like me may go into a depressed state. You know, stuff ain’t going like it did for so many previous years. The Christmas stories on television seem the same.  Television families have mountains of problems until the sky opens up and snowflakes begin to lay a soft white carpet on the lawn and life returns, as if by magic,  to one of happiness and good cheer. Well, looks like rain clouds over our house.