Today's Opinions

  • W.B. Evans, an intelligent source?

    I am not interested in the John Lage-Carolyn Taylor verbal interchange.

    However, letter writer W.B. Evans’ remarks, in regard to that interchange, do interest me. Please note the following in reference to his remarks as posed in “Fox News an intelligence source?” in the July 16 edition of The Lancaster News.

  • Fox News undermines journalistic integrity

    This is in response to John Lage’s letter, “Lage questions Taylor’s points,” published in the June 29 edition of The Lancaster News.

    Mr. Lage, I have no intention of a back-and-forth with you; however, I must respond to three of your statements.

    One: Your lack of understanding my repudiating your statement that to liberals the Constitution is “just a scrap of paper.”

  • Council meeting was dog-and-pony show

    After attending the July 14 County Council meeting, I realized that the meetings between the citizens of Lancaster County and the Capital Project Sales Tax Commission were a well-staged side show.

    County Council sent the tax commissioners out to all the areas of Lancaster County to hear what the people wanted to spend the 1 percent sales tax on, knowing all along that no matter what they came back with, it would be nothing but paving roads.

    It was just a dog-and-pony show – make the people think you care, then do what you had planned all along.

  • Slavery still exists here today

    What a shocking headline, but our Attorney General Alan Wilson says it’s true – and he’s right. Slavery today is not black folks standing on the auction block in the city square. Its modern day equivalent is called “human trafficking” – for the sex trade, enforced labor and especially exploitation of children.

  • City needs smarter trash pickup process

    Do we really need a tax increase? I’m just a retired truck driver and live off of University Drive. Maybe we need to review how we operate city equipment before we ask our city officials for a tax increase. This increase is to make up for city garbage having a $250,000 short fall.

    We have purchased a very expensive truck that only picks up receptacles on its right side. I have watched it operate for five or six weeks. It basically runs the route twice to accomplish what the old truck did in one pass of the street.

  • Vandals hit mailbox twice in a month

    I wonder if parents know where their children are during the summer months when they are out of school. My mailbox was hit twice in four weeks. Fingerprints have been taken both times. Too bad fingerprints aren’t taken when people apply for driver’s licenses.

    L. Cohen


  • Check out golden oldies radio station

    Being an antique collector of old radios, I found myself in search of a repairman three years ago. What was amazing is that I did and he just so happened to live right here in Indian Land.

    Not only is Dave De Betta a great repairman, but full of knowledge of interesting information about other antique tidbits of radios, record players and TVs.

    One of the things he exposed me to enjoy the sound coming out of my antique radios was a wonderful radio station here in our area. If you have never tuned in, I beg you to. It is WAVO 1150 AM.

  • Fond memories of ife on Midway

    Reading W.B. Evans’ columns causes me to reflect on my past years, especially the 1950s and 1960s.

    Drinks were in returnable bottles and they tasted a lot better than the ones of today.

    Bob Lambert ran a moving company at a store that was run by Curly Briscoe. Mama would send me to the store and I could buy a candy bar for 5 cents. Back then, you could get four pork chops for 75 cents. Curly and his wife were two of the nicest people I’ve ever met.