Today's Opinions

  • Column: Firefighter Madden stopped to help after terrifying wreck

    On the afternoon of June 15, I was involved in a terrible car accident on U.S. 521 north of Lancaster.
    A trailer came loose from another vehicle and ran underneath my car, causing my car to flip several times before going down an embankment and then landing in a small creek. This accident was a very traumatic experience for me. I instantly began to panic when I realized what was happening.

  • Letter: Hillary is the most vetted candidate in U.S. history

    To put things in perspective, the folks that constantly fill the Opinion Page with their drivel slamming Democrats and Hillary are the same folks that voted for Dubya Bush twice. I’m pretty sure that destroys any credibility  they had.
    The common theme is how Hillary is such a liar, while she really is the most vetted candidate in history. Republicans have had her under a microscope for decades…. Nothing!
    If you have some info, contact Republican Trey Gowdy. He just spent two years and $7 million of your tax money and came up dry.

  • Letter: Letter writer steaming mad

    After my letter was printed in Friday’s edition of The Lancaster News, steam came out of my ears.
    My letter was edited – by the editor. I called the editor and spoke with him. I can’t remember his name, but I learned a lot about who runs our local paper. He’s not a fan of Fox News! I mean, why watch Fox? They’re only Number 1, right?

  • Column: Buckets of highway money, corruption aplenty

    To say that there is corruption in the S.C. Department of Transportation is like saying it’s dark at night.
    The question is will the current “reform” effort shed any light in the darkness or is this simply a case of the day following the night – only to see the darkness return. We’ll see.

  • Column: Rudy is right and Phil is fooling himself!

    Hello, Lancaster residents. I’ve been laid up for a while with some health issues, but I’m back.
    I want to start with Rudy Schmidt’s Wednesday column, headlined “The real root of racial violence.” Rudy is wasting his time. Liberals will never get it. Every stat he mentioned is a fact. Just Google Justice Department stats on crime, and there it is.
    But to a liberal, facts mean nothing. My father, a lifelong Democrat, told me, “If you ever want to confuse a liberal, use logic and facts.” They don’t want the truth.

  • Column: Picking apart how we talk about race in America

    Words are powerful things, but in and of themselves they have no real power. A word is just a sound that is interpreted into thoughts and ideas, good and bad.
    Today we are faced with a great deal of civil unrest due to racial tension, and we seek the right words to quell the unrest. Words only work when we have people willing to hear the message.
    Can anyone define what words like “white power,” “brown power,” “white privilege” and “black lives matter” truly mean?

  • Letter: Noble whistling in dark on Hillary

    I just read Phil Noble’s guest column in the Aug. 3 issue. He is whistling in the dark with fear for his candidate, Hillary Clinton.
    His candidate has lied to and stonewalled investigators, denigrated men who died in the service of their country and amassed a fortune by corrupt means. In spite of this – or perhaps because of it – she is the darling of Mr. Noble and many Democrats.

  • Column: The real root of racial violence

    Like The Lancaster News’ favorite columnist Phil Noble, Charlene McGriff chooses the numbers she needs to fulfill her ideology and agenda.
    Much discussion is needed on the problems in America, but facts must also be present without ideology leading the discussion.
    I recognize that police seem to be shooting a lot more people today because the news leads with those stories. That is what we hear first, and blacks seem to be shot more often than whites.
    But let’s look at some numbers for our discussion.