Today's Opinions

  • Letter: Too little Christmas spirit on Main Street

    Kudos to the city of historic downtown Lancaster Main Street on their beautiful Christmas light display. They really went all out.
    Where’s the Christmas spirit in downtown?
    McAdenville, don’t worry.
    Bah humbug!

    D.R. Lambert


  • Letter: Lancaster was lucky to have Ellen Dean

    March 14, 1949, was my 16th birthday.
    My parents gave me a party in the elegant Rainbow Room of the Ellen Dean Hotel.
    What a special occasion. Lancaster was lucky to have this facility. How sad to see it go. Thanks for the memories.

    Ann Biggart Cross


  • Column: Political correctness is getting us nowhere

    For too many years now, we, as a nation, have grabbed onto something that is more divisive than anything a political party can provide – political correctness.
    Where did this term actually come from? Who is responsible for creating this ridiculousness? And why are we embracing it so vigorously?

  • Column: The violence starts long before the first shot is fired

    Black-on-black crime is a major national issue, especially the murder rate among young black males between the ages of 16-29. The big question is: “Why the violence?”
    If most of us stop and look inside our homes, we would find the cause and effect of this problem with gun violence among our young men.

  • Letter: Thank you for helping Miracle Bikes for Kids

    Thanks so much to all of you who helped Gonzie’s Miracle Bikes for Kids continue to provide bicycles to children during this Christmas season.
    Some people donated bikes, while others donated funds to help refurbish the bikes. All of you helped bring joy and happiness to the hearts of many children.
    Last year, we were able to provide bicycles for 83 children in 29 families. This year, with your help, we gave bikes to 91 children in 38 families.

  • Letter: One-of-a-kind nurse

    I have written a lot of letters. This one is about a beautiful lady who is a nurse in the emergency room at Springs Memorial Hospital.  This lady is a super nurse, one of a kind. She was meant to be a nurse. She treats you with respect. She is an asset to the hospital.
    She was my wife’s home health nurse for a while before she passed away in 2008. She loved Laura. Thank you, Laura, for all of your hard work. You are truly one of a kind.

    Carl M. Miles

  • Our View: Generosity triumphs with Christmas Basket

    Ward Faulkenberry would be grateful.
    The Christmas charity that bears his name blew the top off its $10,000 goal with a last-minute surge of donations, raising $12,660 through Dec. 23 with a week still to go before the drive’s year-end close.
    There have been 129 donations so far this year, helping nearly 750 Lancaster County residents with boxes of food for a Christmas meal and stockings full of gifts. The recipients were selected through the  Department of Social Services, the Lancaster County Council on Aging, other agencies and churches.

  • Column: 2016 Resolution: Let’s cut smoking among S.C. kids

    The two most often made (and broken) New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight and to quit smoking. If you need any evidence of this, count how many ads you see on TV for weight loss and quit-smoking products in all the football bowl games.
    Now before we go too much further, it’s time for a full disclosure. I’m overweight and I occasionally have a smoke. That said, I’m on a plan to lose weight (I’m halfway to my goal) and I smoke about one cigar a month – though in my youth I was a pack-a-day guy. I’m getting there.