Today's Opinions

  • Winthrop should stick to education, not football

    Now Winthrop University is thinking about adding football to their course offerings.

    Why in heaven’s name do the taxpayers of South Carolina need another football program? 

    I realize Winthrop has the stigma of being labeled a girls school, but wouldn’t a college dedicated to education serve us better?

    Adding new facilities, coaching staff, scholarships and conference membership during difficult times just doesn’t seem a wise choice.

    W.B. Evans


  • Vegetarians live longer

    A recent issue of Time magazine cites several reasons for vegetarians living longer. The article was prompted by a report in American Medical Association’s Internal Medicine that a vegetarian diet lowers blood pressure, a key factor in risk of heart failure and stroke.

  • Letter

    I have been following Indian Land Warriors sports since the late 1960s. 

    The Feb. 26 boys basketball game was the most exciting game I’ve ever seen. 

    Tied with 5 seconds to play, the Warriors got a good call and scored as time ran off the clock. 

    I was disappointed the athletic director and police attempted to keep the students off the court to celebrate, but it was still very exciting. 

  • Lancaster's greatest assets are its people

     I told some folks what potential newcomers, visitors, etc. have asked me through the years: ‘What’s the best thing about Lancaster? Why should I want to move there?’ 

    It has been my privilege to tell them many positive aspects about our community, but I always conclude by telling these inquirers that it’s our people, our citizens who are so special. They are caring, thoughtful, friendly people, who volunteer and assist, and who will welcome them warmly.

  • Know what S.C.’s cwp law means

    Harrison Cahill

    USC School of Journalism

    S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley recently signed Bill 308 into law, which will allows South Carolina residents with a concealed weapons permit to carry their weapons into many businesses, including restaurants and bars.

    Here’s what South Carolinians need to know about the new law.


    and bar owners

    u Do I have the right to order someone with a concealable weapon out of my business?

  • It’s past time to stop lying to Americans

    It is my opinion that we are in need of a public outcry. Sunday morning National Security Adviser Susan Rice was on “Meet the Press.”

    Rice was asked if she had any regrets about saying that the Benghazi attack was a demonstration gone bad after a video insulting Mohammed was posted on You Tube.

    Her answer was, “No, we were acting on the best information we had at the time.”

  • Dangerous driving and riding conditions

    If you have never driven or ridden on Taxahaw Road from S.C. 522 Grill to S.C. 265 then consider yourself fortunate. Count your blessings that you have not had the pleasure of hitting a pothole so deep that it warped your rim and busted the tire.

    This stretch of road is in such terrible shape that you feel like you are NASCAR racing because you are switching lanes to avoid potholes.

  • Don’t take law officers’ courage for granted

    It’s the kind of news that should be alarming, yet it’s all too common.

    A local TV news station reported Feb. 15 that a man attempted to assault a Richland County deputy after being pulled over for driving more than 100 miles per hour. The suspect was subdued and arrested.

    In this case, the assailant didn’t appear to have a weapon. Still, it was a stark reminder of the dangers our police officers face.

    Other incidents this year in South Carolina have been more serious: