Today's Opinions

  • Winning war in Afghanistan is important

    Why is winning in such a God-forsaken place like Afghanistan – a country with a population of only 28 million, 99 percent of them Muslim, 72 percent illiterate, a life expectancy of 44 years, a government that is totally corrupt, almost no industry, the world’s largest producer of illegal opium, and one of the most desolate regions on earth – so important to America?

    What would happen if President Barack Obama follows his far-left supporters and orders our military out of Afghanistan prematurely, before the enemy is defeated and destroyed?

  • We're glad to have our own festival

    We’re excited already about the first Red Rose Festival.

    It’s slated for May 7 and 8 in Lancaster and will feature games for children, live music, crafts and plenty of food. See Lancaster SC, the marketing arm for the city and county, will organize this event, which it aims to develop into the county’s signature festival.

    We say, “Hooray!”

    We’ve been waiting for this event for years.

  • Washed-out culvert could cause problems for drivers

    On Christmas Day, a culvert below my house on Bailey Raod washed out due to extreme rain. The Department of Transportation employees came out the following week and put rocks in the hole, installed loose gravel signs and left.

    DOT often uses the loose gravel signs as a solution to road problems.

  • Presence of highway patrol has good impact

    What do you do when you meet a Highway Patrol trooper when you’re driving? Do you check your speedometer? Tap your brakes? Make sure your seat belts are fastened? Do you sometimes hope and say a little prayer? “Oh, please, don’t stop me, not this time. I was only driving a little faster than the speed limit.”

    These are natural reactions.

  • Scholarship fund helps youth get education

    I would like to thank everyone who will and has contributed thus far to the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Breakfast sponsored by Faith, Hope & Victory Christian Church. As a parent, I believe that it is every parent’s dream for their child to grow up and go to college. Whether we can afford it or not, we are hopeful because we want our children to be successful and we know that education plays a part in obtaining that goal.

  • Tires on two cars damaged by potholes

    Both of my cars have a busted radial belt in the sidewalls. Both incidents happened in South Carolina, a state blessed with plenty of potholes. Both incidents happened in December on dark rainy evenings. One incident happened in a turning lane on a major highway in Florence. The other happened in front of Carolina Christian Academy on U.S. 521. An orange cone was finally put on that hole, but it was too late for my tire.

  • Community responds to need

    I’m a member of Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church. Our pastor is the Rev. Otis Lathan. He is truly a blessing and the icing on the cake.

    In my earlier years, the Rev. I.C. Clark preached and taught to always put God first in your life and in anything you do. He led me to search for the basic things to make my life complete – wisdom, faith and patience. And that will give you love, peace and happiness.

    We were taught to take care of family, make sure all needs were filled and be honest with yourself.

  • Keenan deserves honor

    For a high school football player to be featured front and center on a National Football League field means something special is happening.

    It recently did.

    Lancaster High School senior tight end Sam Keenan, a three-year letterman and two-year starter for the Bruins, was honored as a Carolina Panthers’ Community Captain at the team’s final home game earlier this month against the New Orleans Saints.

    The Panthers Community Captain program honors Carolinas high school football student athletes who shine in the classroom, on the field and community.