Today's Opinions

  • Class grateful for Sonic’s help

    We would like to thank Bill Thrailkill, Sonic general manager, for supporting the Salkehatchie workers who were housed here in Lancaster in June. There are no words adequate enough to express our gratitude for the wonderful hamburgers you provided for their meal on Friday. They were so excited when we arrived with the burgers. Your support of this wonderful mission work was appreciated and enjoyed by all. Lancaster is truly blessed to have such a caring member of our community. Again, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

  • Updated airport will make good impression

    First impressions count. They matter whether it’s a blind date or a job interview.

    They also matter to industrial prospects who come to Lancaster County to check us out as a potential location for their business.

    That’s just one reason the $1.7 million federal grant that was recently awarded to Lancaster County for improvements to the county airport is important.

  • Nationalized health care not good idea

    Many of you have contacted me recently regarding concerns surrounding the health care legislation pending in Washington, known variously as H. 3200, Health Care Reform, Obamacare, etc. Ordinarily, I don’t delve into federal issues in this column. However, while I share the same concerns many of you have expressed regarding costs, taxes and service levels, there is yet another reason that this bill bothers me – its tremendous expansion of the federal government, often at the cost of states and localities.  

  • County responded to challenge to help woman

    About three weeks ago, The Lancaster News featured an article about Rosemary Fann, who had lost her home due to repossession and she was in serious need. Finding Mrs. Fann another home seemed to be a task that was far to big for any one church or agency to handle.

    Her church family, Christ Fellowship Community Church, was helping her as much as they could with food and the money needed to purchase gas, medications, etc. She is temporarily staying in the home of her pastor and his family.

  • Writer disappointed in country, its leadership

    The following was addressed to President Barack Obama:

    The government has gone completely nuts. How can government officials keep a stern straight face when they present their health care plan to the American people?

    Sixty percent of us do not want you taking away our freedom to choose. You are simply disingenuous. We do not need all of this government intervention in our lives. You also stated recently that “we should not bet against you.”

  • Doster’s vision becomes a reality

    Remnants of a cotton mill loom above the town’s skyline. Once thriving downtown businesses are boarded up with plywood. The mills are closed and even the Columbia-to-Charlotte and vice versa traffic has been rerouted to I-77.

    To a casual observer, Great Falls might seem abandoned, forgotten and lives only in the memories of former residents.

    But not to Cherry Doster. In fact, she sees something quite different.

  • USCL deserves our support

    We have never been more fortunate than we are today to have a University of South Carolina regional campus located in our community. Lancaster has gone through a world of change since our campus was founded in a stately home on White Street in 1959.

    Then we were a growing and successful textile town with community leaders with the foresight to see the need to establish a two-year campus in our midst. Then and now, Lancaster County continues to be a wonderful place to live and to raise a family. However, things have changed, some for the better and others for the worse.

  • County priorities are not right

    I read The Lancaster News faithfully and the opinion section is the most interesting. As I read the newspaper, so much is apparent to me. Here’s what’s important to our county:

    - No. 1 is a new courthouse.

    - No. 2 is the arts.

    - No. 3 is the landscape of Main Street.