Today's Opinions

  • 1910 Census nosier than 2010

    You hear it over and over: It is vital to our future and well-being to be counted every 10 years.  

    Although there has been little consistency over time, the results have always determined the number of congressmen each state is entitled to.

  • See Lancaster grateful for festival support

    On May 7 and 8, the city of Lancaster celebrated community and the arrival of Spring with the first Red Rose Festival. Citizens and visitors enjoyed top entertainment on two stages, arts and craft vendors, kids activities, great food and a Koss Motorsports car show. Because of the foresight of our City Council, the festival provided a boost in our economy as well as community spirit.

  • Writer: Schmidt doesn't base opinion on facts

    In reading Rudy Schmidt’s May 9 letter, “Conservatives are now moving again,” my first thought was that we’ve been down this road before.

    The last time he “enlightened” us with his revisionest history I attempted to point out the historical facts. Apparently he felt that they would get in the way of his opinion. Sir, you are entitled to your own opinion, but not to your own facts.

    Time is better spent in the library than with the entertainers on Fox News or talk radio.

  • We all must learn to work together

    First of all, I’d like to thank God for his many blessings that he has bestowed upon me. I am also thankful to him for the opportunity to meet with some of the leaders, pastors, evangelists and ministers of the Lancaster County community.

    The recent violence and crime in the community has me concerned, not only as a citizen, but as a father who cares for all children, not just my own.

  • Writer intends to pass on act of kindness

    I would like to thank the lady in front of me at Chick-Fil-A about 8 on Thursday morning. You paid for my breakfast, but you did much more than that. You reminded me that there are caring, generous people in Lancaster. What you did was a blessing and it carried through my whole day – because of your generosity. I am going to return the gift by doing the same gesture for someone else.

    Patricia Threatt


  • Council should have given Det. Parsons a second chance

    Are you perfect? If you think you are perfect, try walking on water. I’m not perfect. I’ve made lots of mistakes and still have a lot to learn. The only way I can go from day to day is with God by my side to help guide me along the way. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t said or done something they are sorry for. I’m glad God gives us second chances to right our wrongs.

  • LALC grateful for support

    I want to express my gratitude to the community of Lancaster for showing such wonderful support to the Lancaster Area Literacy Cooperative (LALC) during the Red Rose Festival. LALC hosted several events in conjunction with the festival and the success of each was due to the help of the community.

    The results far exceeded my expectations. Thank you to all of the runners and walkers, who came out to participate in the 5K Race for Literacy.

  • Writer: Does Small think Republicans are heathens?

    I read the recent letter written by Gil Small, chairman of the Lancaster County Democratic Party. It sounded like he was having a party all his own. Mr. Small thinks that all Republicans are not good neighbors or friends, like the Democrats are. He also states that the Democrats go to church and send their children to Lancaster county public schools. I guess us Republicans are all heathens and uneducated.