Today's Opinions

  • Time to make education equal for all children

    I am writing this letter in response to a letter that Bridgette Reeves wrote regarding the individuals running in Lancaster for S.C. Senate.

    As a parent of a special needs child, I feel that our senator should respect the rights of our children, and be there to promote the well being of our children in the public school system.

  • Article should have been about work of IL Rotary Club

    Do not blame Mandy Powers Norrell and Sheila Bickford for speaking out against the “grass cutting” article in the Sept. 19 edition of The Lancaster News. The apology needs to come from the Carolina Gateway and The Lancaster News. Go back and reread the article Chris McGinn wrote. It said that Kevin Sexton, James Brooks, David Freeman and Han Lengers helped Mick Mulvaney mow starting at 7 a.m. that Sunday. The picture in the paper was of Mulvaney on his campaigning tractor.

  • Family questions court's decision

    My family and I would like to apologize to the victim of the burglary my brother, Randolph Frazier, was accused, tried and convicted of on Sept. 16. Randolph received a life sentence on Sept. 17.

    Again, I apologize to this woman for what my brother did.

  • NAN doesn't care for victims of crimes

    Your newspaper wrote a story about Martavious Carter, who was charged with arson and five armed robberies.

    Then you wrote a story about the National Action Network (NAN) conducting a civil rights investigation. This is the same group who also conducted an investigation into the death of Maury Cunningham, who died at Lancaster Count Detention Center after being shocked with a Taser for more than two minutes several years ago. Officials said Cunningham attacked detention officers, stabbing two of them with a pencil (one in the eye) while trying to escape from jail.

  • Powers Norrell unwilling to separate issues

    I read with interest the guest column by Mandy Powers Norrell. I agree with her that South Carolina public schools are in need of help, and I agree that “...prioritizing spending rather than raising taxes” is a good route to follow.

    While a majority of South Carolinians may oppose private school vouchers or tax credits, a minority, and possibly a majority, are in favor. The issue is not vouchers or tax credits, but how all of the students in South Carolina will be cared for – by those whose parents are in the majority and those whose parents are in the minority.

  • Shame on you, Mandy Powers Norrell

    I would like to express my deepest sadness and disappointment for a candidate such as Mandy Powers Norrell. I am a parent of two children at Heath Springs Elementary School and was infuriated when I read the article about the S.C. Senate candidate going to our school and using it to further her desperate campaign.

    The principal, Sheri Watson, is the hardest working individual I know. The fantastic teachers are professional, well educated, caring and talented. I am proud to know them and work with each teacher and staff member at that school.

  • Mulvaney doesn't respect Lord's day

    I read Lisa Hough’s letter, “Those who pull political stunts think voters not ‘very smart,’ ” about Mick Mulvaney cutting grass on Sunday.

    I, too, agree his actions disgraced himself. We, who are Christians and some who may not be Christians, still respect the Lord’s day.

    If you can’t live by the Ten Commandments, then this tells me you don’t live by the Bible, either.

  • Mulvaney has made sacrifices for county

    I have moved away from Lancaster, but I have heard about something going on there that I know a little about. People are saying awful, terrible things about my friend and former boss, Mick Mulvaney. I wanted to take a moment to tell you what I know about this man.