Today's Opinions

  • Lancaster has skills to handle challenges

    It’s nice when one of our own does well. It’s even nicer when he reaches the top and recalls how small-town roots and family played a vital role in his early development.

    Kenny Lancaster, who recently was named as the S.C. Highway Patrol’s colonel, grew up in Lancaster.

    A 20-year patrol veteran, Lancaster has worked his way through the ranks. His career choice seemed only natural since his father, Ken Lancaster, was a 30-year veteran of the state patrol.

  • Time to expand USCL, not close it

    Many reasons have been expressed by supporters for keeping the University of South Carolina at Lancaster campus open. I would like to add to that list.

    Several years ago there was a shortage of nurses in our area. The late Baxter Hood of York Technical College and the late Ray F. Faulkenberry, USCL business manager, developed a joint nursing program  where students were provided training in both institutions to meet the requirements for nursing.

    This program continues to have a very high rate of students passing the rest for certification.

  • Give gift of life, become organ donor

    My name is Ed Heins and I am a liver transplant recipient of 14 years. Did you know that every 11 minutes another person in this country is added to the transplant waiting list? Sadly, many will die before receiving a transplant.

    You can help save lives by donating life and registering to become a donor. Before Jan. 14, South Carolina did not have an online organ and tissue donor registry. Now it does and you can sign up at www.Every11Minutes.org.

  • Republicans won’t give up even when they should

    Republicans have dominated Washington politics for most of the past 40 years. We, the American people, voiced our opinion of their leadership in the recent elections when we put most – but not enough – of them in the minority.

  • Time to thank public servants

    “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times”.. .so begins the “Tale of Two Cities,” describing life in Paris and London and the struggles of the poor and working class in the late 1700’s. Although written 150 years ago, Dickens’ observation stands the test of time, and speaks to the experiences of many of us in York, Chester and Lancaster counties today.

  • Obama focused on getting nation back on its feet

    We have a lot to be thankful for as red-blooded Americans. Notice I said red-blooded and failed to mention color of skin which is what all of us should do.

  • Steve Epps, a ‘true American hero’

    Two weeks ago, we lost a pillar of our community with the passing of Mr. Bill Kimbrell. On Jan. 31, we lost a true American hero with the passing of Mr. Steve Epps Sr.

    I doubt there are many folks in the Fort Mill area who did not know Mr. Kimbrell and the many positive things he has done for our town.

    However, since Mr. Epps lived most of his life in the Lancaster and Chester communities, I would like to share a little about another native son of Fort Mill.

  • Give money to people, let them stimulate the economy

    Dear President Obama,

    Regarding the stimulus package: Why not give every legal American $20,000 each? No one gets money directly in to the economy faster than the American people will – 350 million people times $20,000 = $700 billion. That is less than $800 billion. Considering that we are the ones who will have to pay for it, it sounds like a more reasonable solution and viable.